The child is the most precious and valuable gift of our lives. All our aims, purposes, processes, choices, decisions change as soon as we become parents. The focus and centre of our lives changes completely. Being sensitive to this fact, we have created an environment that your child deserves, an environment that you can trust, that expresses your love and our care and concern.

We offer the best infrastructure, methodology, curriculum, internationally trained team and top of the line educational equipments.

At G D Goenka La' Petite, we not only enroll your child, we enroll you too.

You can enlighten yourself at our workshops for the just-right parenting, counseling, for understanding your child.
Awareness: how you need to convert yourself to be at the right platform and space to perceive your child.

Welcome parents to G D Goenka La' Petite for a joyful journey towards light.